WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope Review

Admittedly, on the surface every single jump rope looks (almost) identical to every other – but nothing could be further from the truth.

This piece of exercise equipment is so much more than just the sum of all its parts, and even just a single misstep or mistake in any of its myriad of components (it’s rarely just a piece of rope) can spell disaster.

The folks at WOD Nation understand this better than most. They spent a lot of time refining their new jump rope, a lot of research and development, and today they offer what many consider to be one of the very best options under the sun.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Training Purpose

Almost universally beloved (the WOD Nation jump rope has thousands and thousands of reviews online, with the overwhelming majority of them glowingly positive), this is one of the more unique jump ropes in the CrossFit space specifically designed to be more versatile and more adaptable than what you may be used to.

Sure, on the surface it looks a lot like a speed rope – and you will definitely be able to pump out your fair share of double unders thanks to the way this has been crafted – but you can also train strength, endurance, and overall cardiovascular capabilities with this rope as well.


The cables that the WOD Nation jump rope utilize are engineered to shave seconds (even minutes) off of your Workout of the Day times. It’s going to help you with your speed but it’s also going to help you with your accuracy and your consistency, all because of the way that they have been crafted.

The cables themselves are hard coated metal cables that are razor thin (the larger ones are available as sold separately accessories), guaranteeing that you are going to get a lot of life out of this new jump rope. You know that the folks at WOD Nation stand behind the quality of their cables when they are willing to offer a full lifetime guarantee from top to bottom on them!

You can pick from more than half a dozen different colors of cable as well, and it’s not a bad idea to consider purchasing different thickness cables in different colors so that you know exactly what you are running at a glance. That’s just another great example of how the folks at this company have thought through making one of the best jump ropes on the planet.


Unlike a lot of other quality speed rope options on the market today these ones do not use any aluminum handles but instead choose to go with ballistic nylon handles that cut weight even more so.

Serious athletes that are dedicated to training with jump ropes understand that heavy handles equal heavy arms, and the last thing you want to do is have your arms become exhausted when your lower body is just starting to get into the swing of things.

Metal extrusions spindle off from the handles to hold onto the cables themselves for extra durability, but the ballistic nylon handles sit at just slightly over 6 inches long they are beveled towards the backend for comfort and have a bigger bell safety and extra gripability – again another nice little feature that a lot of other speed ropes do not include every time.


The action of this jump rope as it moves through the zone is almost unlike anything else on the market today, especially at this price point.

Not only is it super smooth (thanks to the way the handle and cable system has been designed) but it’s also really consistent and very accurate. You’ll be able to run through lightning fast double unders faster than you have ever been able to before, and it’s all because of the whippy action that never lags and never “chokes” when you are running it at top speed.

Of course, you’ll also be impressed by the overall stability of each individual swing as well. This helps you to recover in the middle of each swing if you were a little bit inaccurate, something that a lot of other buttery smooth action jump ropes do not allow for.


The versatility and flexibility of this particular jump rope, the WOD Nation jump rope, is definitely on full display.

Not only can it be customized to run a number of different thickness cables (interchanging them is about as easy as can be, too), but it can also be used for serious speed training sessions, recreational purposes by kids, and even in strength training if that’s one of your ultimate goals.

You will want to use this indoors as often as possible (exclusively, if you can), if only because the cables themselves are still quite thin and the protective coating is not designed to go through dirt or gravel.


Resizing the WOD Nation jump rope system is effortless, too.

The cable that comes with this jump rope is 12 feet long right out of the box and all you have to do to adjust its length to your specific specifications is to snippet with a set of wire cutters and then tighten included “length adjuster” at the end of the cable.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

As we highlighted above, the simplicity of the WOD Nation jump rope system is what really helps to make it so different than everything else – especially when you stack up all the other power features it brings to the table.


You are going to love the way that the WOD Nation jump rope system performs when you are running double unders, but you are really going to LOVE the ridiculously low price tag it has attached to it. You won’t have to spend much more money on this jump rope than you would a kids toy option at a big box retail store, and often spend $20 less (or more) than comparable speed ropes from other manufacturers.

Final Thoughts on the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

If you are just getting started in the world of speed jump roping, want to pick up a travel jump rope you can keep in your “go back”, or just don’t want to break your bank account into tiny little pieces getting your hands on a core piece of equipment like this than the WOD Nation jump rope is right up your alley.

Just as good as some of the speed ropes that cost two or three times as much, you’ll never be disappointed in your investment!