Rx Jump Rope Review

Whenever you are talking about a jump rope that USA Boxing considers the official jump rope of their organization, the jump rope that their athletes use more frequently than any other, you know you are looking at something really special.

Intended to help serious athletes maximize their cardiovascular capabilities, their speed, their balance, and their overall strength – all while pushing them harder and harder to complete more double unders and other high intensity workouts – the RX jump rope is considered by many to be one of the ultimate speed rope options on the planet today.

Rx Jump Rope

Training Purpose

Used by the United States boxing team, the United States wrestling team, the USA judo team, the USA Functional Fitness team – as well as top-tier athletes competing at all levels of the CrossFit Games – this is one of the most complete speed jump ropes from top to bottom.

It’s singular focus on achieving as much speed as possible “through the zone” without any degradation in accuracy or recovery really helps to separate it from all other contenders.

This is all possible through the unique engineering that went into producing this speed rope. It’s multitude of components make different than almost anything else out there, and that’s why top-flight athletes choose a time and time again when they need their training time to really matter.


There are a multitude of different cable options you can use with this RX jump rope system, including:

  • Hyper cables weighing in at 1.3 ounces
  • Ultra cables weighing in at 1.8 ounces
  • Elite cables weighing in at 2.6 ounces
  • Buff cables weighing in at 3.4 ounces and
  • Beast cables weighing in at 4.1 ounces

All of these cables are made out of aircraft grade metals and have been covered in a PVC protection layer to increase their durability, with each and every one of them specifically designed to work with the handle system to provide accurate strikes, increased speed, and all-around utility.

The lightest cables are ideal for those that want to really crank out more repetitions (particularly with double unders), and are really best suited for serious and more experienced athletes. The most commonly purchased RX jump ropes include the Elite cable (2.6 ounces), providing just the right amount of resistance but also a high level of speed for athletes to develop with.


The handles of the RX jump ropes have been engineered out of ballistic nylon and take advantage of a proprietary multidirectional swivel system that provides almost completely frictionless rotation.

This patented system is only available with the RX jump ropes which is why so many Olympic teams in the United States (and athletes around the world) choose to use these ropes more than anything else.

The fact that you can enjoy effortless rotation, accurate rotation, and precise rotation that these kinds of speeds that the RX handles make possible is nothing short of spectacular.

Gripping these handles will never be a problem, either. They have been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hands without a lot of stress and without a lot of tension. They also use a proprietary grip layout that helps guaranteed no slippage even when your hands really start to sweat.

They feel solid and stable in the hand without adding any extra weight to the equation.


As we highlighted just a moment ago, the action of this jump rope as it goes through the zone is almost unlike any other speed jump rope available on the market today.

That nearly frictionless movement brought to you by the proprietary multidirectional swivel axis and pushing system guarantees that you will have total control over each individual swing – not only its speed but also its placements and its rebound/recovery.

This action means that you can quickly readjust as necessary on in accurate strikes that otherwise would have taken two or three swings to recover from with other jump ropes. This alone is going to help you change the game when you’re looking to push past your double under personal records or really explode through high intensity training protocols.


The versatility of this rope is through the roof thanks to the fact that it can accommodate so many different size cables to fit your specific training goals and training needs.

We highlighted above the multitude of different cable options you can pick and choose from, with everything from superthin high-speed cables to bigger and bulkier cables for those looking to really bruise their body as they move through high intensity training.

You’ll have no trouble whatsoever finding just the right amount of feedback and just the right amount of resistance from your RX jump rope cable because there are five different options to pick from.

Even though the aircraft grade cables themselves are built to withstand more than a lifetime of use, the PVC protective layer on the outside can degrade and become compromised if you run these cables too long outside. It’s not a bad idea to keep your training sessions indoors with these speed ropes just like you would with any others.


Resizing these ropes can be a real headache and a real hassle if we are being honest, which is why it’s not a bad idea for you to order the exact size you need directly from the folks at RX.

Each cable that they offer is available in lengths between 7’10” long and 9’4” long, giving you the opportunity to really dial in the right length for your training needs, your height, and your comfort level.

Because these cannot be resized on your own this is really something you need to get right straightaway before you click the purchase button.


Slightly more expensive than what you might expect from a speed rope set up, you get what you pay for when you move forward with the speed rope system used by the overwhelming majority of serious athletes in the US Olympic system and at the CrossFit Games.

Some may blanch at the price tag of the RX jump rope set up, but those that want nothing but the very best of the best when it comes to their training equipment are going to appreciate the investment they are making in their progress.

Final Thoughts on the RX Jump Rope

A lot of speed ropes today promise the moon and the stars when it comes to overall performance and capabilities but fall short on delivering the goods, so to speak.

This isn’t a problem you are ever going to have with the RX jump ropes.

Flexible, versatile, designed to last a lifetime and then some, and about as easy to use as you can imagine (with proprietary technology not available anywhere else leading the charge), this just might be the last speed rope purchase you ever make.