RPM Speed Rope 3.0 Review

The RPM Speed Rope 3.0 system is designed with one thing and one thing only in mind – creating the fastest rope system on the market for serious athletes that want to blow through their personal record of double unders.

According to the folks at RPM Fitness these ropes have been painstakingly engineered from top to bottom to produce both the smoothest and the most accurate jump rope system on the market today, giving athletes the opportunity to achieve breakneck speeds faster than they’d ever been able to before.

If you’re looking for greased lightning while you train, you’ve come to the right place.

RPM Speed Rope 3.0

Training Purpose

Speed ropes through and through (there’s no doubt about that), everything about these jump ropes have been designed to achieve top-tier speeds faster than any other jump rope out there.

Recognizing that jump ropes can’t just be super lightweight but also have to be incredibly accurate if athletes are going to have any opportunity to break their double under records, everything was redrawn from scratch with the 3.0 version of these jump ropes.

The solid black aluminum handles are super lightweight and feel fantastic in your hands, the cable is blazing fast and easy to adjust, and everything just feels like it is performance focused.


Speaking of the cables that the RPM Speed Rope 3.0 system uses, straight out of the box you’re going to be able to make the most of the new RPM Fitness clear coated cable design – though you can use a multitude of other cables from the folks at RPM Fitness if you want to really customize this platform from top to bottom.

The cable itself is 12 feet long (and infinitely adjustable, as we alluded to a moment ago) and razor thin, designed to cruise through the motions when you are putting this jump rope through its paces with as little friction as humanly possible.


The handles themselves are brand-new from RPM Fitness, redesigned totally and take full advantage of 100% aluminum materials to cut down weight without sacrificing strength or durability. These handles are knurled for incredible durability as well as reliable grip and precision, and they feel like a solid extension of your hands when you are running them.

Combine that with a new anchor desk and friction reducing bushing system that guarantees true dual axis rotation, the efficiency of these handles when combined with the built-in cable really help you to break your personal records time after time. The smoothness of this jump rope is second to none.


Anytime you are talking about speed jump ropes you need an action that can whip right through this zone, recover quickly, and then be accurately brought back through the zone time after time after time – with a real focus on speed but consistency and accuracy are equally as important.

The action on this rope is consistent clear across the board thanks to the way that the handles and the bushing system has been engineered, and the cable allows you to quickly whip the entire cable through the zone and then recover in a hurry before you go back through the “sweet spot” again.

Competition jumpers are going to fall in love with the consistency of this action. Once you get into a groove it’s really (REALLY) easy to continue nailing that motion without a lot of thought.


There’s not a whole lot of flexibility with these particular ropes from RPM Fitness, if only because they are precision made pieces of training equipment designed with very specific goals in mind.

You’re going to want to make sure that you use the RPM Speed Rope 3.0 system indoors exclusively, as any outdoor work is going to wear down the durability and the longevity of the cable almost straightaway and you run the risk of breaking it even if it is brand-new.

Indoors, however, you’re talking about an entirely different animal here. Whether you want to slowly and methodically work through your training motions to get into the groove or push your body as fast as humanly possible with as many double unders as you can manage inside of 120 seconds this is the jump rope system to use.


Every single one of these RPM Fitness jump ropes come with a hexagon key that allow you to infinitely adjust the length of your cable, really helping you to dial things in nicely. Not only will you be able to adjust the cable system pretty quickly with this set up, but you can also readjust – and fine-tune – your cable without a lot of headache and hassle as well.

Literally all you have to do to make the switch is pop off the end cap at the end of the handle, use the included hex key to loosen things up, and then move your cables around until you get it where you wanted to be. Reverse the process to lock things in and you are off to the races.


These aren’t exactly the least expensive jump ropes on the market today, but they aren’t the most expensive either – and if you are dedicated to taking your double unders to the next level, or just want to push yourself with the highest quality jump roping system available, this is definitely a top contender you’ll want to consider.

Stacked up against the rest of the competition it is only slightly more expensive than similarly designed and engineered options, but because it will last a lifetime (and then some) when used exclusively indoors it’s got a lot of bang for its buck.

Final Thoughts on the RPM Speed Rope 3.0

Finding the perfect speed jump rope for your needs, your goals, and your experience level right now can be a real uphill battle.

The fact that the RPM Speed Rope 3.0 system is so easy to adjust and fine-tune – and because it is literally the smoothest and most accurate speed rope money can buy – you’ll have a hard time turning this option down in favor of any other products on the market today.

RPM Fitness has hit a homerun with the 3.0 version of their speed rope.