Rogue Fitness SR-1F Froning Speed Rope Review

When you think of CrossFit equipment and training accessories you think of ROGUE Fitness – and for good reason.

Leading the charge when it comes to top-quality hardware and training solutions for serious athletes that want to squeeze every single drop of athletic performance out of their bodies every time they train, it’s hard to imagine any company in the fitness world as beloved as this one.

They deliver the goods!

And while most people are familiar with seeing the multicolored plates at CrossFit competitions, the kettle bells that they make available, and the resistance bands that so many athletes today use in amateur and professional arenas the jump ropes they make are also well designed.

Today we break down everything that the Rogue Fitness SR-1F Froning Speed Rope has to offer and we think you are going to be impressed.

Rogue Fitness SR-1F Froning Speed Rope

Training Purpose

A speed rope through and through (which is what you should expect considering the fact that this rope isn’t just named after four time CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning Jr, but was also designed in partnership with that same top-tier athlete), those looking to take their speed, their balance, and their explosiveness to entirely new levels will really appreciate all that the Rogue Fitness SR-1F Froning Speed Rope has to offer.

Materials have been chosen to shave weight at every opportunity just to increase the amount of speed you can get out of this game changer. Polyurethane materials, aluminum heads, high-speed bearings polished to perfection, and a whole host of other personal design choices from one of the most dominant CrossFit Games champions of all time separate this option from the rest of the pack.


The cable that the Rogue Fitness SR-1F Froning Speed Rope comes with right out of the box is 3/32 of an inch in diameter, made completely out of polyurethane speed materials, and designed to really crank through the zone with every single rotation.

It is 120 inches long right out of the box it can be resized to your exact specifications (something that we touch on in just a second), but that means that there’s going to be plenty of slack for you to dial in this speed rope to exactly where you need it to be.

Accessory cables can also be purchased from the folks at ROGUE, including 11 foot cables that are exact in every other way to the standard cable this speed rope comes with four athletes that are quite a bit taller and need extra reach to feel comfortable.


The handles themselves are 6.5 inches long, half an inch in diameter (at the spindle) to 0.875 inches in diameter at the base and ergonomically designed for optimum performance with input from a superstar CrossFit Games champion every step of the way.

High-speed bearings are included but do not add a lot of extra weight to the platform, either. The construction materials are TPE overmolded to guarantee that you get great grip and durability without adding even an extra ounce of weight to the table.


Unsurprisingly, the action of this speed jump rope is going to be blazing fast.

The sum of all its parts come together to produce a jump rope that can scream through the zone with every single flick of your wrist and it definitely isn’t going to be optimized for beginner athletes straight out of the box.

Those looking for a slower action to kind of get into the swing of things with speed ropes (no pun intended) are going to be a little bit disappointed. This thing is as quick as lightning and has been designed all the way with extreme performance in mind.


As we have already made mention of a couple of times already this is not exactly a speed rope designed for beginners, amateurs, or even those with just a little bit of speed rope work under their belt.

That does somewhat limit the overall flexibility and versatility of this option, but it is designed to be used indoors as well as out (though you’ll definitely increase its lifecycle by using it exclusively indoors) and material selected have been designed to increase its longevity as much as possible.

The inability to flip through a whole bunch of different cable sizes to adjust one set of handles to your individual needs limits the utility of this speed rope. But what it does it does better than almost anything else out there and that really has to be appreciated.


Resizing the Rogue Fitness SR-1F Froning Speed Rope is simply a matter of unscrewing the cable from the handles themselves and then snipping the cable to your exact desired length. You’ll have to crimp the positioning nodes of the jump rope back onto the part of the cable that you have snipped off, but other than that the entire process is pretty simple and straightforward.

Those that need a larger or longer jump rope are going to be able to order one directly from the folks at ROGUE as we highlighted earlier. This goes all the way up to 11 feet and can be customized the same way that the standard rope can be as described just a moment ago.


You’ll have a tough time finding a better speed rope with input directly from a superstar of the CrossFit Games anywhere on the planet available at a better price tag than this. It’s really nice not to have to spend a mountain of money on a top-tier piece of equipment from the folks at ROGUE – even if it’s quite a bit more than your standard plastic and nylon jump ropes you can find at a department store.

Final Thoughts on the Rogue Fitness SR-1F Froning Speed Rope

ROGUE Fitness definitely knows what they are doing when it comes time to produce top-tier CrossFit focused training equipment, and the Rogue Fitness SR-1F Froning Speed Rope is a perfect example of that laser like attention to detail and dedication to perfection.

This is one of the ultimate speed rope options money can buy with input from a superstar of the CrossFit world, the kind of jump rope that can help take any serious athletes to the next level if they’re willing to put in the time to train with it.