JAKAGO Professional Weighted Jump Rope Review

Serious athletes with amateur or professional competition aspirations, weekend warriors, and those that just want to build a better beach body are all going to appreciate everything that the JAKAGO weighted jump rope brings to the table.

Specifically designed to accommodate athletes of all shapes and sizes as well as of all experience levels, this is one of the few top-tier affectional grade jump ropes available on the market right now that works just as well for younger children as it does with serious athletes in their prime and even elderly individuals that want to stay limber.

 But at the end of the day, this is a fantastic jump rope that adds a lot more weight to the equation than your standard option ever would and will certainly help you train more effectively because of it.
JAKAGO Professional Weighted Jump Ropes

Training Purpose

A real Swiss Army knife in the world of weighted jump ropes today, one of the most impressive features of the JAKAGO weighted jump rope is its ability to effortlessly adapt to however you plan on using it.

The fully adjustable cable system (which we will dive a little deeper into in just a moment) not only allows you to effortlessly adjust the length of each internal cable, but it also allows you to control whether or not you’re using this weighted cord for recreational purposes, for serious training, four-speed, for power, or for overall cardiovascular impact.

As we highlighted earlier, this is the kind of jump rope that you can use to replace a lot of the other specialty options available right now – a multi tool in the fitness training toolbox for sure.


The weighted cable itself is made out of a heavy duty material engineered to provide quite a bit more resistance than what you get out of a more traditional option. It has the same look in the same initial feel as a traditional polyester rope, but it is considerably heavier – even if it isn’t quite as heavy as some of the solid cables or “fat ropes” you can find on the market today.

Infinitely adjustable to accommodate pretty much anyone and everyone, will dive a little deeper into how you can resize this cable to fit your specific needs on-the-fly deeper in this review.


The handles on this JAKAGO weighted jump rope are a little bit oversized compared to what you’ll find with a more traditional jump rope, but that’s what allows them to be so flexible when it comes to who uses these jump ropes.

The handles themselves are 8.3 inches long and just over a single inch in diameter, making them comfortable enough to be held by everyone from a younger child to adults and even the elderly. This opens up a world of flexibility that you just aren’t going to get out of more specialized pieces of equipment.

Each handle is made out of aluminum construction materials that have been wrapped and sweat absorbing and nonslip foam. The grip is comfortable, allows you to “bite into” the handles without fatiguing your hands, and are engineered to last forever.


We certainly wouldn’t describe the action of the JAKAGO weighted jump rope as “whippy”, but it isn’t a slouch when moving through the zone, either.

Obviously anytime you are talking about a weighted jump rope you’re going to expect slower performances than what you’ll get out of a speed rope. But it isn’t as slow as heavy ropes and is probably more in line with what you get out of a traditional jump rope you might’ve purchased at any big box retail store for recreational purposes.

This slower action is going to make this jump rope a little bit laggy when you’re trying to do double unders and other speed focused movements. But if you’re sticking to a more traditional training protocol this jump rope will definitely keep up.


The flexibility and adaptability of the JAKAGO weighted jump rope is really what helps it to stand apart from the rest of the pack.

A versatile enough to be used indoors as well as out (though the longevity of this jump rope increases if you use it indoors exclusively), it has a lot of quality components that resist abrasion and overall breakdown of the cable itself.

The ability to use this jump rope for serious training, recreational purposes, or just outright entertainment by athletes at every level and every age group – from young teenagers all the way up to elderly people and everyone in between – also helps to separate this option from all others.


Resizing this jump rope couldn’t be any easier. A quick cable length adjuster is built inside of each individual aluminum handle, allowing you to quickly reassign the length of this cable on-the-fly. That means everyone from 5 feet tall to 6’8” tall can use this handle without having to take a lot of time in between sessions to readjust its length.     

Best of all, none of the resizing of this jump rope is 100% permanent. You just aren’t going to find the ability to reset the length of this jump rope infinite amounts of time everywhere else.


A little pricey when you stack it up against some of the other more specialized options available, the truth of the matter is because of its infinite adjustability and the fact that it can be used in so many different ways and by so many different people make this more of a bargain than some believe.

Final Thoughts on the JAKAGO Professional Weighted Jump Rope

Trying to find a single jump rope that every athlete in your box – or in your home, even – can use becomes a whole lot easier when you look at everything that this particular set up brings to the table.

Sure, it isn’t quite as precision focused as some of the other jump ropes that feel like they were engineered by folks at NASA. And it isn’t quite as “athlete friendly” as some of the other jump ropes that are clearly designed with CrossFit superstars or mixed martial artists in mind.