FireBreather Training Speed Rope Review

The precision and control you are going to get out of your new SPEED ROPE by FireBreather Training is a game changer for serious athletes and CrossFit enthusiasts that want to squeeze every drop of performance out of every training session.

Using a wire cable system as opposed to PVC, plastic, or leather ropes the accuracy of the SPEED ROPE by FireBreather Training is off the charts – especially at high speeds. If you’re looking to blow the doors off of your double under record and know that your old jump rope is holding you back you’ll be amazed at everything that the SPEED ROPE by FireBreather Training has to offer you.

SPEED ROPE by FireBreather Training

Training Purpose

Make no mistake about it, this is a speed rope from top to bottom and is unapologetic about what others may see as single-minded focus.

While other companies promise jump ropes that can be used for everything from strength training to speed training to recreational use and everything in between the SPEED ROPE by FireBreather Training is laser focused on one thing and one thing only – helping you squeeze out every extra rep possible when you’re running double unders and pushing your body to the limit.

There are no compromises in the design utility of this jump rope because of that. Every element was selected to improve your speed straight out of the box, and you’ll find that your personal records start changing just as soon as you begin to run the SPEED ROPE by FireBreather Training for yourself.


The cable that comes included with the SPEED ROPE by FireBreather Training straightaway is almost impossibly thin, situated at just 1.1 mm in diameter and ready to rock and roll at top speeds right away.

The opportunity to switch out different cables through this set up is pretty simple and straightforward (something we will cover when we talk about the resizing of this option in a little bit), but the cable you get is high quality and designed for extreme performance.

It comes in at a 10 foot length that offers a lot of room for adjustment, but the wire itself is made out of high quality metal alloys to cut down on weight and then protected in a rubberized synthetic material to protect the actual cable itself during use.


The handles are made out of ballistic nylon construction materials with metal extrusions at the end that have a 360° swivel eye for the cable itself to be run through.

A high-speed bearing attaches the metal extrusions to the ballistic nylon handles (that are just over 6 inches long from top to bottom), guaranteeing that you will be able to get your jump rope up to top speed in no time at all – and with a degree of control and accuracy find with other options.

The only real knock about this particular handle set up is that it isn’t knurled or really protected with a rubberized grip. Some that have used handles in the past recommend you “gum them up” before you start to get serious about your speed sessions for improved grippiness, and others have chosen to go with gloves just to make sure that they never lose contact while cranking at full speed.


We made mention of how the SPEED ROPE by FireBreather Training system has been designed to improve your accuracy and your speed compared to PVC, plastic, and leather jump ropes.

You’ll see just how much the manufacturer has knocked this out of the park you feel the action of this jump rope move through the zone – as well as how responsive it is to your adjustments and changes on in accurate swings.

Everything feels smooth, everything feels efficient, and you never have to worry about “fighting” your jump rope as you move it through the zone. Each swing and each strike is easily repeatable with very little wasted movement whatsoever, allowing you to push yourself harder and faster during every Workout of the Day that demands double unders.


As far as the overall adaptability of this jump rope system is concerned it leaves a little bit to be desired, especially when stacked up against some of the more multipurpose jump rope options you can find on the market today.

There’s a bit of a difference between those Swiss Army knife style ropes that can handle all different kinds of training sessions and a rope like this that has been engineered like a jet engine to squeeze as much speed as possible out of you as it can.

You’ll want to be sure that you use this jump rope indoors to protect it and to increase its longevity. It will run a little bit outside, but the abrasion with the ground, uneven surfaces, and gravel will chew through the rubberized coating pretty quickly and degrade the safety of your jump rope in a hurry.


Resizing the SPEED ROPE by FireBreather Training system is as easy as simply snipping the wire at the length you are happy with and then tightening down the Phillips head screw that works as an “end” to lock that side of the cable in place.

Because the cable is 10 foot long straight out of the box it can accommodate athletes that are anywhere between 4’6” tall and 6’10” tall, all through this easy customization process.


The overall value of this jump rope system is off the charts, particularly when you compare it to some of the other speed rope options money can buy.

It’s not exactly the least expensive option available (but that’s to be expected with the amount of engineering and high quality components found throughout), but it’s not an unpalatable price tag, either.

Final Thoughts on the Speed Rope by FireBreather Training Jump Rope

Serious athletes that want to push their speed to the next level – that want to force their bodies to work harder than they have ever worked before – will appreciate all of the engineering that went into the SPEED ROPE by FireBreather Training set up.

There are a lot of speed rope options to pick and choose from these days to be sure. Few of them are quite as complete or as effective at “delivering the goods” than this one.