EliteSRS Elite Surge 2.0 Jump Rope Review

When it comes to the world of CrossFit few equipment manufacturers are as well regarded as the folks at EliteSRS.

Known specifically for making some of the best jump ropes, battle ropes, slack lines, and other training accessories available for dedicated CrossFit athletes the EliteSRS ELITE Surge 2.0 jump rope that they produce is right up there with the very best of the best.

Engineered specifically to make double unders a lot easier than traditional plastic jump ropes ever could be, this rope is definitely a “speed rope” and will really put you through your paces.

Lightweight, blazing fast, and more than competent this is a speed focused jump rope you’ll want to add to your arsenal ASAP!
EliteSRS Elite Surge 2.0

Training Purpose

Anyone looking to dramatically improve their double under abilities, their speed, and to maximize their cardio workouts almost overnight will fall in love with everything that the ELITE Surge 2.0 has to offer.

A speed rope through and through, it is flexible enough and adaptable enough to have heavier cables added if you want to improve strength at the same time as your speed gains – but really excels when you use it as intended to push your body faster and faster than you ever have before.

Engineered in partnership with national champion speed jumpers and CrossFit athletes around the world what you see is very much what you get with this top-tier piece of training equipment.

Just one quick word of note – if you’re going to be using the EliteSRS ELITE Surge 2.0 for high-speed training it’s not a bad idea to make sure that you do so indoors at all times. Taking it outside at these speeds is going to cause some serious abrasion to the cable and will cut down its longevity for sure.


Speaking of cables, you are going to have a bunch of different options available to pick and choose from right out of the box with the EliteSRS ELITE Surge 2.0.

Everything from the thinnest 1.1 mm ultrathin speed cables from the folks at EliteSRS can be taken advantage of for extreme speed training all the way up to heavy duty 4 mm PVC cord or 1/8 inch nylon coated cables that are designed to tax your body, your speed, and your strength all at the same time.

A 3/32 inch standard cable is included with your purchase of the EliteSRS ELITE Surge 2.0 in most circumstances, but you can definitely add as many cables from EliteSRS as you like (with seven different options to pick and choose from) to really dial in the kinds of training results you are expecting.


Anyone that has used a jump rope to train understands that the arms are ALWAYS the first thing that fatigues and tires when using a rope system, which is exactly why the EliteSRS ELITE Surge 2.0 has been designed to use super lightweight handles that will improve your overall endurance significantly.

We are talking about handles that are made out of 1 ounce construction materials, designed for extreme longevity, and the kinds of handles that are ergonomically designed to help you push through even the most challenging of exercise protocols without feeling totally wiped out before your legs are.


The action of this jump rope is best described as whippy, even when you add some of the heavier duty cables to the mix.

As we have highlighted a couple of times throughout this guide this jump rope has really been engineered to make the most out of super lightweight, ridiculously thin, and high-speed cables more than anything else.

This isn’t your standard jump rope and certainly isn’t a jump rope designed exclusively for strength gains, but is instead something made to put you through your paces and really challenge your speed and coordination.

The action is often times too fast for people just getting into the world of CrossFit which is why it’s recommended to grab a larger cable right out of the gate unto you can work your way up to razor thin options.


The flexibility of the EliteSRS ELITE Surge 2.0 is off the charts, however – though it is not recommended that you take this jump rope outside unless you’re going with a heavy duty cable that has been specifically designed to resist highly abrasive action.

Athletes of all experience and endurance levels can make use of this CrossFit focused jump rope system, though as we highlighted just a second ago it’s not a bad idea to get your hands on a couple of different cables to kind of work your way into how the EliteSRS ELITE Surge 2.0 works.

Like all of the rope systems from EliteSRS this is a highly flexible and versatile platform that you will find changes and adapts as you grow and improve as an athlete.


The ability to size your jump rope to your exact specifications a huge bonus and a big part of why so many people get their hands on premium jump ropes like this compared to the ones you see on playgrounds all over the world.

Modifying the cables for the EliteSRS ELITE Surge 2.0 is simply a matter of measuring and snipping the cable with traditional wire cutters. You can then adjust the size to your exact specifications (right down to the tiniest adjustment) using nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver.

Talk about simple and straightforward!


Best of all, you’ll be able to get your hands on a top-tier jump rope in the EliteSRS ELITE Surge 2.0 without having to blow gigantic holes in your bank account.

This is easily one of the most affordable top-tier performance focused jump ropes you’ll find on the market today. While it is quite a bit more expensive than the dollar store jump ropes some people feel comfortable starting off with, this isn’t going to crater anyone’s weekly budget – even if you pick up a couple of extra cables to really flesh it out.

Final Thoughts on the EliteSRS ELITE Surge 2.0 Jump Rope

A rock solid addition to CrossFit training hardware for any serious athletes looking to take their speed, balance, and cardio to the next level there’s a lot to really like when it comes to the EliteSRS ELITE Surge 2.0.

The only thing you’ll want to be a little bit on the lookout for is the fact that the foam grip on the handles can get a little slick when you start to sweat (though there are ways to pretty easily remedy that).